23 January 2008

Then and Than nonsence

This then that, rather than the other

"this" what we have, "then" (next) "that" ((object) what to do or what is next),

"Rather" (in preference to) "than" (in stead of) "that" ((object) what to do or what is next)

Being a supporter of Open Source Software, reading

slash dot daily

and an avid language freak

I find continuously "thet" a and e seem to be interchangeable,

especially when viewed in journalistic writings. The e seems to be predominantly SA and NZ (just my personal experience) sound-accent where the word may be spelled with an a, but the correct way to write it is the same in English gramma all over the world.

then, (next) a word that describes concurrent "time", This happened then that happened
[what came next]


than, which is (objective) "in comparison to" or "in difference to", I prefer this than that.

In an attempt to save the English language.....

I am glad to get that off my chest.


regards Glenn

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