26 November 2010

The Evolution of MandY

The evolution of Mandriva, or is that Mandrake...? I'm not sure, But I know I find it easy to use and easy to configure. http://mageia.org/en/
From web browsing, file managing, database and/or presentations, to spread-sheets with graphs. It's all here. "Back-up able" and "recoverable". tip; use a filesystem that is recoverable, encrypted or not.
You can decide on a media centric install, or a web-media (rss-wget-rsync) centric, maybe a science centric install......?GlennsPref@gmail.com

Works for me ;) GW


  1. The main concern is, you may make mandriva do what you need to do, very well

  2. as it may seem, I progress with ever query.

    asking for it!

    If you ask, you may receive

    shway (wing-chun, ask!) ask and you may find.

    if someone expects an attack, they will respond first, then apologise for pre-empting.