29 January 2011

wondering why my house mate behaves like a Halfback,

...trying to get away with anything!

I'm afraid Sean is trying to det me up.

He continually invades my personal space.

He continually calls ma by derogative names. (accentuating vowels to some extreme sound.)

I'm doing my best to satisfy his demands, but I'm also losing patience.

Even after I have explained my position, he prefers , it seems, to use that as an admission of defeat/guilt or of compliance).

I'm at a loss ...

What do I do?


  1. The Buddhist's said, treat them with kindness, then treat them with more kindness, then treat them with wrath. and if that doesn't work either, treat them with double wrath!

    I have not taken myself to the third level, yet!

    I would need to move house, if I did.

    The only other outcome, (since there is no rental agreement) is to evict Sean. That would take support from the other individuals who live here.

    At least 50% are scared to death (religious) of Sean's threats.

    The other is not family, and could be easily persuaded.

    This place is too dusty, and too hard to ceep tidy.

    Maybe I'm better off just leaving, ijnstaed of taking over admin of this place with these ppl.

  2. I guess the hardest part is, how do you punish(?) a guy for what you know is a total irrational outburst, and not intentional?

    It's difficult to define at the time of attack, but easier to recognise if you have been through that kind of thing you're-self.

  3. I'm sure he sees this as some kind of sport, but i do not.

    To me fighting has always been a last resort.

    I have been involved with "martial art's red rover"

    4 to 7 guys , all wearing protective gear, patrol the middle, you fight your way to the other end of the quadrangle.

    I found this kind of training the most enduring.

    And learnt a lot from it.

    Schway, is ask

    if I did this to Sean He would explode, I fear.