28 August 2007

Setting up an RSS feed using edna.

Setting up an RSS feed using edna is very simple. First of all edna is an Education Australia web site (http://feed2js.edna.edu.au/feed2js/) that has many tools and just one of those is a converter. What it does is converts a URL to an RSS java script that can be used to keep up to date with changes on the web site you wish to monitor.

You will have a few options there to choose from before you validate the web address (click the "Preview Feed" button), Believe me this can save you some time, and once you see the

[Valid RSS] This is a valid RSS feed.", You're right to go. Click the Generate Feed button to see the java script and you can now paste that code into your web page. I've pasted mine in after Heading 3. At the moment my RSS feed page is very sparse, but I haven't done any graphics work on it yet. More to come.....

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