09 August 2007

Working with RSS feeds and pod casts.

This week I have been developing an audio file as an mp3 to use on my web page (for the assignment). Also I have been discovering pod casts and just how simple it can be to have all of your favourite news listed and up to date right there on my home page (I use iGoogle for this).

Details of getting an mp3 file together.
A pod cast will be developed for a web page that consists of an original music file overdubbed with a spoken dialog. Sounds simple enough, so I grabbed an old song I wrote in the early nineties, and proceeded to edit the tune until I was happy with the length and content. I rearranged pieces of the track to resemble the songs original arrangement without the introduction build up and other dynamics (a bit like cutting your arm off to save your leg). Any how, I'm happy with the result and moved on to the spoken dialog and imported it (Sweet SunShine95_clip) into Audacity, an Open Source sound file tool freely available through GPL. I used about a third of Sweet SunShine to get the end result.

I wrote a quick introduction and body that shares some information about the mp3 file and communications technology. Upon time to record I found that both of my microphones were not giving very high input levels, to buy or hire a powered mic was out of the question, I borrowed an sm58 (http://www.shure.com/ProAudio/Products/WiredMicrophones/us_pro_SM58-CN_content) from Larry Cozzie (Larry is a local jazz musician without whom this project would have been delayed , (thanks Larry)) and proceeded to record the parts. I recorded the four parts and used the time shift tool to move them into position. Processing involved using the noise reduction, envelope and equaliser plugins to make the changes. Note on the noise reduction, less is more.

I then simply save the tracks, as an mp3 and backed up the file.

next, how to use it for the assignment.

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